Ms. Marilyn Proctor serves as the primary administrative assistant and office manager for Integrated Healthcare of New Mexico.  Ms. Proctor has been an integral part of the team since its inception in 2014 and has proven herself indispensable.  She is responsible for much of the day-to-day operations of the practice ranging from scheduling patients, managing refills, coordinating the sometimes-hectic schedule, and generally keeping the office in good working order.  She brings with her extensive experience in medical practice management and qualifies it with a reliable and cheerful attitude which by all accounts patients find refreshing, heartwarming, and inviting.  Without her dedicated work to maintain the carefully balanced schedule, refill requests, and an untold number of additional duties which she performs faithfully and reliably, it is difficult to imagine the practice operating as smoothly and efficiently in our efforts to meet the needs of the greater Los Lunas community.  She is, without a doubt, the go to person to solve logistical problems related to appointment scheduling and refill requests, doing so with general goodwill and an uplifting spirit from which we all benefit.

Dr. Stephen L. Cheshire, abmp

Marilyn Proctor

Dr. Cheshire received his bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Georgia in 1992 and a doctoral degree in clinical neuropsychology from Washington University, St. Louis in 1997.  He also completed an internship in clinical neuropsychology at the James A. Haley VA medical center in Tampa Florida followed by a postdoctoral program in clinical psychology and neuropsychology before entering private practice in the North Georgia mountains.  Pursuing his career long interest in the biological basis of mental health disorders as well as psychotherapeutic techniques, Dr. Cheshire received a postdoctoral master’s degree in psychopharmacology from Fairleigh Dickinson University in 2013, after which he moved to Los Lunas, New Mexico to open a private practice.  In 2016, Dr. Cheshire became the 42nd fully licensed prescribing psychologist/medical psychologist in the state providing him the opportunity to combine biological interventions for these disorders in conjunction with the behavioral and psychological aspects of treatment.  Since 2014, he has owned and operated a private practice in Los Lunas, melding these complementary approaches to into a more comprehensive mental health approach.  On a more personal note, in his spare time, Dr. Cheshire is an avid computer scientist, tennis player, and part-time gymnasium aficionado.

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A/R Management Services, the billing arm of Integrated Healthcare of New Mexico, headed Barbara Colvin handles the business end of the practice responsible for verifying patient’s benefits, following up on the inevitable insurance difficulties, managing patient accounts, and generally managing the cash flowing which sustains the practice.  Based in Macon, Georgia their service is without parallel in following up on claims, resolving the inevitable insurance problems, and maintaining patient balances and appropriate billing.  Having worked with Ms. Hightower and her agency for 14 years has taught me to trust in their reliability, professionalism, and efficiency with which she and her team follow through on an invariable basis.  All concerns about claims, co-pays, deductibles, and health insurance difficulties flow through her office are without exception handled professionally, delicately, and forthrightly.  Without the services of A/R Management Services, life at Integrated Healthcare of New Mexico would be immeasurably more difficult and time-consuming.  Concerns about timely payment, appropriate billing, co-pays, and other financial responsibilities should be directed to their office at (800) 789-5761.

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